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Thursday, March 22nd 2012

09:00 h
Prof. Ekkard Brinksmeier
Speaker of the SFB/TR4
SFB/TR4, LFM Laboratory for Precision Machining, Germany
Freeforms in Optics - a historical, critical review
Dr. K.-F. Beckstette
Carl Zeiss Jena GmbH, Germany
Quality Chain Management for cross-sited replication of optical elements
P. Becker
SFB/TR4, Fraunhofer IPT, Germany
Advanced process chain data handling
D. Lindemann
SFB/TR4, Fraunhofer IPT, Germany
10:30 h
Coffee break
11:00 h
Specifying optical surfaces - in a tailor-made language
Dr. G. Forbes
QED Technologies Inc., Australia
Scanning deflectometric asphere testing and automated interferometric form measurement of optical components
S. Stürwald
SFB/TR4, Fraunhofer IPT, Germany
In-process microtopography characterization of optical components with respect to roughness and local defects
Dr. S. Patzelt
SFB/TR4, BIMAQ, Germany
Photothermal determination of thermal and mechanical properties
H. Prekel
SFB/TR4, BIMAQ, Germany
12:40 h
13:40 h
3-D Tactile Measurements of Free-Form Optics Sub-Title: With Verification to Optical Measurement Technology
Prof. H. Spaan
IBS Precision Engineering BV, Netherlands
Advanced polishing technologies
Dr. C. Wenzel
SFB/TR4, Fraunhofer IPT, Germany
Polishing of continously curved surfaces
D. Wächter
SFB/TR4, Fraunhofer IPT, Germany
Precision polishing of small structures and cavities
M. Krause
SFB/TR4, LFM - Laboratory for Precision Machining, Germany
15:50 h
Coffee break
16:30 h
Lab visit (LFM, IWT, BIMAQ)
20:00 h
Evening event
23:00 h
End of first day

Friday, March 23rd 2012

09:00 h
Removal Mechanism and Grinding Technologies for Micro Aspheric Moulds
Prof. H. Huang
Univ. of Queensland, Australia
Manufacturing of optical moulds by grinding using electro-aided trueing and dressing
M. Schwade
SFB/TR4, WZL - Laboratory for Machine Tools and Production Engineering
Modeling of high precision glass molding processes
G. Liu
SFB/TR4, Fraunhofer IPT, Germany
Enabling Steel Mold Making by Novel Nitriding and Ultra-Precision Machining Processes
J. Osmer
SFB/TR4, LFM - Laboratory for Precision Machining, Germany
10:40 h
Coffee break
11:10 h
Surfaces and their Measurement
Prof. D. Whitehouse
Univ. of Warwick, United Kingdom
Sol-gel coatings for mold inserts
Dr. A. Mehner
SFB/TR4, IWT - Stiftung Institut für Werkstofftechnik, Germany
Ion irradiation of sol gel coatings
Prof. D. Lucca
Oklahoma State University, USA
12:30 h
13:20 h
Optical film design and production for enhanced incoupling and outcoupling of light in OLEDS and OPV
Dr. N. Walker
Microsharp Corporation Limited, United Kingdom
Diamond Micro Chiseling of prismatic microstructures
L. Schönemann
SFB/TR4, LFM - Laboratory for Precision Machining, Germany
Precision replication of plastics optics by injection-compression moulding
P. Walach
SFB/TR4, IKV - Institute for Plastic Processing, Germany
14:40 h
End of conference

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